Finding an MBCT Program

As MBCT is a relatively new approach, we are not yet able to direct you to an established network of teachers. What we have suggested to those interested in finding an MBCT program in their area is to capitalize on the local knowledge of teachers/therapists who offer MBCT, MBSR or who incorporate mindfulness into their clinical care. These practitioners might also be able to suggest local referrals, if they themselves do not offer the program. The internet can be helpful in this endeavour. We have found that using Google and entering terms such as “mindfulness based cognitive therapy” + your city or region, or “mindfulness” + your city or region can identify relevant folks to contact about this. In time, we hope to provide a more fully rostered referral network on this site.

MBCT teachers are health care professionals who have been trained to teach the MBCT program. More information about training to teach MBCT is available through the following websites:

Oxford Mindfulness Centre

The Centre for Mindfulness Studies, Toronto, Canada

MBCT France

University of Wales Bangor

University of Geneva

University of California, San Diego Center for Mindfulness

University of Exeter